Advertising Opportunities is dedicated to making the celebrity style accessible to everyone. Using all of our sources and expertise in the fashion industry, we identify the clothes worn by celebrities.

Unlike other celebrity fashion websites, we don’t focus on tailor-made exclusive designs, as much as we like them, they’re often unatainable to the UK consumer. We prefer to highlight clothes that are available to the general UK consumer either in the high-street or online.

As the fastest growing celebrity style website in the UK, we continue to innovate and grow our social media profiles whilst not losing sight of what’s important to our visitors. Affordable popular fashion!

Rate Card

Banner LocationSize RestrictionsPCM (Per Calendar Month)
Background WrapperPage Content 1000px£250
Sidebar Position 1250 x 250£100
Sidebar Position 2250 x 250£90
Sidebar Position 3250 x 250£80
Sidebar Position 4250 x 250£70
Bottom Of PostLeaderboard£50
Newsletter Article500 words£25 Per Article

* All prices quoted exclude VAT.